SPOKANE, Wash. –FBI officials confirmed Friday they are investigating the finding of human remains in the Medicine Valley area of White Swan.

The Cheney Police Department confirmed Tuesday the FBI has detectives looking into the possibility that Donovan Culps is responsible for another unsolved murder, but could not elaborate.

Culps is suspected of killing Cameron Smith, a pot shop employee at Lucid in Cheney.

According to court documents related to the Cheney murder, Culps was interviewed by a Cheney Police detective and FBI agent. The FBI agent had asked Culps about an unrelated case where a person had not been seen in the area for two months. Court documents said Culps hung his head and said, “I killed him.”

FBI officials would not confirm or deny that this interview had anything to do with the remains found in the Medicine Valley area of White Swan. They said investigators are still working to identify the remains and determine the circumstances behind the person’s death.

Culps is being held on $1 million bail at the Spokane County jail.