SPOKANE, Wash. – The families of two people killed in a drunk driving crash early Saturday morning are speaking out.

The father of Raymond Maxamillion Madrid, 21, wants people to get one message: Don’t drink and drive. He really wants people to hear that message after losing his son in a car crash this weekend. Raymond, who goes by his middle name Max, was one of two people killed in a horrific crash on Highway 27 near Dishman Mica Rd. early Saturday morning. Max was a passenger in the car, along with Taylor Parkins, 20. Both died at the scene. The driver of the car, Eddy Grant, 21, is now facing vehicular homicide charges. The three were all close friends who were well liked by everyone who knew them.

Madrid’s dad said his son had a big heart and was the kindest, sweetest person. He said his son loved music and was an aspiring rapper and song writer. Parkin’s dad said she was full of life and had a big heart as well. Others who knew her said she had a bright future ahead of her. She was supposed to get her braces off next week and her family said she was so excited.

Both families are absolutely heart broken. Madrid's dad said he is not mad at Grant, the driver, saying they are just kids and he is not a monster.

Court documents said Grant failed to negotiate a turn, the car rolled 50 to 60 feet down an embankment and caught on fire. A Washington State Patrol Trooper who arrived on scene said the car was engulfed in flames. The trooper said Grant was on the side of the road "Crying profusely, sobbing out loud and yelling." The trooper heard him make statements that his friends were dead and it was his fault. The trooper also said Grant told him, "I'm a loser." When asked what he meant, documents said he stated he was "driving drunk." Documents also show he admitted to being intoxicated and stated he should not have been driving.

Eddy was taken to the hospital with injuries. He is facing vehicular homicide charges.