SPOKANE, Wash. – The 28th Annual “Ramen Fest” takes place Sunday, November 5th at the Spokane Buddhist Temple. “Ramen Fest” is a fundraiser for the Spokane Buddhist Temple, which is the longest standing Buddhist church in Spokane.

The event features traditional Japanese ramen along with sushi, desserts, and more.

The Spokane Buddhist Temple’s publicity volunteer, Mari Haworth said she expects a lot of people at the event, “We’re expecting another sell out crowd so we’re making more food than last year.”

The recipes were created by the event’s master chef, Jun Yugawa, who has been cooking for the fundraiser for more than ten years.

Event organizers said there is an option to dine in or take out. Preorders are recommended. To preorder you can visit http://www.SpokaneBuddhistTemple.org or call (509) 534-7954.

Ramen is a Japanese soup with noodles, toppings, and seasonings. The broth is made from pork or chicken bones, or miso for a vegetarian option. The noodles and toppings are added to the broth right before serving. The toppings can include bean sprouts, egg, green onion, spinach, mushrooms, among other traditional Japanese options.

Haworth says “Ramen Fest” is an opportunity to eat some great food, but also a chance for the public to learn more about Japanese Shin Buddhists, “A lot of people are maybe curious but don’t come to a service because they don’t know what to expect. This is an opportunity for the public to see the temple and learn more about Japanese tradition.”