SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Detectives investigating a husband and wife accused of robbing various businesses in two states left a local victim scared and confused even still on Thursday.

Jen Zion has worked at the Trade-A-Game in Spokane Valley for three years. She said she was helping customers on October 20 when someone wearing a silver Halloween mask walked into the store with a gun.

“I was talking to them, their eyes went big, I heard someone come in and I turned to greet him, but he was waving a gun around.”

Zion said everything happened so fast.

“He came back behind the register, pushed me out of the way and started banging on the side of the register with his gun and his fist,” she said.

Luckily, Zion was not alone in the store. Her boss was in the back room and when he came out, the suspect took off. According to court documents, there was a similar armed robbery where the suspect was wearing a Halloween-type mask just two days before at a Pizza Hut in the Valley.

Fast forward a couple days, police in The Dalles, Oregon, responded to a similar armed robbery where a surveillance photo shows two people wearing pumpkin Halloween masks. Two days later Portland police responded to another armed robbery – this time the suspects identified as Joshua Luther and his wife Michelle Luther – led police on a chase in their van.

Court documents said Joshua shot at police before being taken into custody. Both husband and wife are still behind bars.

As police in Oregon investigated those robberies they contacted authorities in Spokane about similarities. Now the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the possibility that they are all connected