SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- Friday morning a Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy tried to pull over a vehicle for traffic violations, but the car attempted to flee and was stopped after a short pursuit.

On July 28 around 2:00 a.m. Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Hairston saw a Ford Mustang commit two turn signal violations, an equipment violation involving his brake light and drive erratically.

Due to these infractions the deputy activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop on north Division, according to a SCSO press release. The driver, who was later identified as Joseph Guerrero, saw the patrol car when he turned into the Petco parking lot. Instead of stopping he continued to drive slowly through the parking lot. This is when the deputy saw a male passenger in the vehicle, said the release.

Guerrero drove north behind Jack in the Box and accelerated rapidly, the vehicle hit a large dip in the road so hard, sparks shot out from underneath the car, said the release. The suspect continued to accelerate through the Lowes parking lot, swerving wildly to avoid the concrete dividers and cars parked in the lot before turning east on Lyons.

When he turned north on Addison during his escape attempt, Guerrero lost control of his car and started to spin, but he regained control and continued northbound.

Guerrero abruptly turned into the parking lot at the Lyons Crest Apartments, traveled a short distance and stopped. Deputy Hairston exited his vehicle and ordered Guerrero to stop several times, but Guerrero exited his vehicle and reportedly appeared to be considering his escape options. The deputy took him to the ground and attempted to place Guerrero in handcuffs, but the suspect resisted and failed to follow commands.

After a short struggle, Deputy Hairston gained control and applied handcuffs, and turned his attention to the male passenger. When other units arrived to assist, the passenger was detained without incident.

A bottle of whiskey, about a third full, was found sitting on the driver’s seat. Guerrero showed signs of being intoxicated, but he denied drinking any alcohol, said the release. When he was asked why he did not stop, he said he was just trying to get something to eat and go home.

Guerrero was transported to the Spokane County jail where they obtained a blood sample for testing. Guerrero was booked for attempting to elude a law enforcement vehicle, DUI and resisting arrest. He was issued infractions for failure to signal, an inoperative brake light, improper lane usage and driving without a valid driver’s license.

The passenger was also intoxicated but was not charged with a crime, and has been released to a family member.