SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Planning Commission Agenda met Wednesday afternoon to discuss and advance a motion to potentially add and increase building heights in downtown.

After approving multiple changes to the plan, the proposal is moving forward to city council.

The proposal focuses on building heights in an area near Spokane Falls Boulevard and Stevens Street. The President and CEO of Downtown Spokane Partnership, Mark Richard, said the potential additions would preserve the historic downtown and also add a modern and contemporary aspect to the structures with more residential and retail locations.

The picture below shows the area between Washington and Stevens streets in downtown. This spot is one of the proposed places to gain a taller structure.

The goal is to restrict surface parking lots and improve downtown living. The committee also said it wants to keep the buildings from blocking key areas of downtown. There have been a series of studies on how the shadows from the buildings would impact Riverfront park.

The committee proposed some changes to the plan. Members agreed to cut out a portion dealing with banks qualifying as retail space.

After city council looks at the proposal, there will be a series of workshops and open houses to get input from the public about the potential additions to the downtown area.

You can read the proposal here.