SPOKANE, Wash. -- For the third time in roughly six months, a Spokane man has been charged with domestic violence.

Spokane Police said Lawrence Long, 40, continues to victimize women and his pattern worries investigators. Officials said in each case there is a new victim.

In April 2017, he was arrested for violating a domestic violence protection order filed against him by a woman he had been dating. Documents said Long violated the ordered by harassing her via text message. Phone records show he sent her about 90 text messages in span of just less than two hours. Then just two months later, he was arrested again for breaking into the home of his ex-wife, who already had a domestic violence no contact order against him. Documents said he assaulted her and threatened her.

Two years before that, Long was also arrested for domestic violence after an UBER driver witnessed him kick his then wife in the stomach. During that arrest, documents said he punched an officer, so he was also charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer on top of the domestic violence charges.

Long was back in court Tuesday facing charges for domestic violence against yet another woman. In September, documents said Long sexually assaulted a woman he had been dating and threatened to kill her. Police were unable to find him after the attack but this week he was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Investigators said he was already with a new woman when he was arrested.

In court, his bond was set at a $100,000. He's facing multiple charges including indecent liberties, harassment and assault.