SPOKANE, Wash --- A Spokane veteran got back from almost a year-long deployment to the Middle East, and all he wanted was to see his dog.

Thanks to a lot of volunteers in Spokane and halfway across the country, his wish was granted.

Andrew Fawley was deployed to Qatar ten months ago, and his mother has been dog-sitting the whole time.

“It’s our son and our dog, but everyone can relate to a boy and his dog,” said Andrew’s mother, Mitzi Fawley.

2,000 miles away in Nashville, Mitzi said goodbye to Blue, before her cross-country trip, because Andrew returned from deployment and just wanted to see his buddy.

“First thing he said was ‘I want my dog. Can you get me my dog,’” said Mitzi.

With help from Pilots and Paws, a nonprofit that transports animals in need across the country, Blue is on her way home to Spokane.

“It’s just a token of appreciation for his service to the country and I’m really excited to get her home,” said volunteer pilot, Trip Costas.

“I told the pilots…this thing is like something in a story, that people that don’t even know us that are doing this for us. I hope she has a good trip,” said Mitzi.

Three cities and three pilots later, Blue touched down in Spokane.

“I don’t know how she’s gonna react. Maybe she’ll go crazy and miss me or maybe she’ll…I don’t know. I really don’t know,” said Andrew.

It took Blue a second, but then she saw him. After the reunion, the only thing to say was thank you.

“Thank you guys so much. I appreciate that. I really do. Man, that’s awesome,” said Andrew to the pilot.