SPOKANE, Wash. – A search warrant was issued to seize items from a man who police believe scammed numerous people through posting fake ads on Craigslist.

A search warrant stated that all electronic communications, including text/picture messages and voicemails, were to be seized from 27-year-old Ryan M. Tafoya.

According to documents, Tafoya posted an ad on Craigslist stating he had concert tickets. He used the name “Jeffery Thomas.”

Tafoya reportedly asked the victim to wire him $85.00. The money was picked up at the Western Union office on East Mission Avenue. However, the victim states the concert tickets were never sent.

Documents detail nearly 13 other cases where Tafoy allegedly scammed people for concert tickets, various items and services. In the majority of these cases, victims said Tafoy asked them to wire him the money and they never received what they paid for.

In an unrelated case, court documents state Tafoy’s girlfriend, 22-year-old Brittany Orcutt, attempted to cash a forged check. Orcutt pled guilty to city theft.

In a second unrelated case, Tafoy and Orcutt were accused of shoplifting. In an interview, Orcutt’s father said Tafoya and Orcutt have an addiction to meth and steal to support their habit.

Court documents state Tafoya is being investigated for first degree criminal impersonation.