LINCOLN CO., Wash. – A Lincoln County Reserve Deputy faces two lawsuits in the death of his wife.

The lawsuits, filed on Wednesday against Dwayne Thurman, claim damages and wrongful death in the fatal shooting of Brenda Thurman on January 18, 2016.

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On the day of shooting, Thurman called 911 saying he accidentally shot his wife. Thurman claimed he was cleaning a gun in their home when it went off.

Court documents state Brenda’s daughter, Gabrielle, rushed her to the hospital after waiting several minutes for emergency responders to arrive at their home. Brenda was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The criminal case is still under investigation and no charges have been filed for Benda’s death. The case has not yet been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

“We have been waiting to see if the prosecutor’s office is going to file charges. They haven’t and we don’t have any timeline for when they might, so we just decided that it was time for us to take action,” said attorney Richard Wall.

Wall filed two lawsuits on behalf of Brenda Thurman’s daughter, Gabrielle. The first lawsuit claims damages and wrongful death. The second lawsuit is a claim for relief under Washington’s Slayer Statue. This would prevent Thurman from benefiting financially from Brenda’s death.

The lawsuit alleges Thurman waited to call 911 and “At no time did Defendant (Dwayne) perform CPR on Brenda or attempt any other life-saving measures.”

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Wall said his client’s testimony, along with Thurman’s own account of what happened that day, is enough to prove negligence.

“[It] is enough evidence to both establish that Mr. Thurman wrongfully caused Brenda Thurman’s death and that he should be precluded from benefiting from her estate,” said Wall.

KREM 2 reached out to Thurman, who denied to comment on the lawsuits.