SPOKANE, Wash. --- Nakia Burland, 42, died Sunday night after being shot in the leg in Spokane Valley.

The incident happened on East Montgomery near North Flora Road. An occupant of the home reported he had just shot at a male who knocked on his door and that the male ran off.

Deputies responded and set up a perimeter. The initial information reported to deputies was that the occupant armed himself prior to answering the door and went outside. He said he noticed a man in his yard and at some point the man rushed him. The occupant then shot at the man and he ran away. The occupant was unsure if he hit the man or not.

Deputies contacted the man in the yard of a neighboring residence within minutes of arriving on scene. He had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his leg and was uncooperative with deputies.

Deputies were able to safely detain the subject and provide initial medical treatment until medics arrived.

As medics were treating the man, he lost consciousness and despite their efforts to save his life, the male was pronounced dead at the scene.

Major Crimes detectives responded to the scene to continue the investigation. The occupant of the residence has been cooperative and is currently being interviewed.

KREM 2 looked into laws related to the use of deadly force. According to a Washington State law, force can be used if you believe your life or another person’s life is in imminent danger.

Back in 2014, Gail Gerlach shot and killed a man who was stealing his car. His attorneys claimed he was acting in self-defense. The case went to trail and the jury agreed and found him not guilty.

The shooting that happened on Sunday night is still being investigated. Detectives have not determined if the shooting was in self-defense.