SPOKANE, Wash. – A viewer reached out to KREM 2 on Tuesday with questions about Avista’s tree trimming practices.

Avista trims trees to keep them out of the power lines. But homeowners in Deer Park want to know why Avista is not picking up the branches – and instead leaving that to them.

Samantha, who did not want her last name used, lives in Deer Park. She said Avista not picking up their branches is a messy process.

“I was confused as to why they won’t be doing any cleanup when they’re coming to cut down our trees,” Samantha said.

So, we called Avista to find out why they will not do any clean up.

Avista said after crews with their “risk tree mitigation” program trim dead or diseased trees – the cleanup is the homeowner’s responsibility.

The risk tree mitigation has crews remove trees that are at risk of failure at no cost to homeowners. Avista said this is considered a partnership with the customer.

Samantha said she was happy to get an answer from Avista but still had concerns.

“There’s a lot of elderly and disabled people that would not have the physical means to clean this up,” Samantha said.

Avista said they do not offer any type of assistance to homeowners after crews trim the trees, but recommend customers seek help from neighbors or a community group to help.

“We’re kind of just out of luck and that’s frustrating to me that they’re not going to provide any kind of answer of who can help us out,” Samantha said.

There are two different circuits in Deer Park. One circuit has over 2,000 Avista customers – where only 43 have risk trees identified.

In the second circuit of 980 customers, only 26 will be impacted. Avista said the identified risk trees are marked with a blue “X.”