DEER PARK, Wash. -- Deer Park Elementary is helping a man drive to his son's funeral all the way in Colorado.

Jeremy Weber lost his son on New Year's Day. He was considering selling stuff to afford to drive to his son's funeral in Denver, where his son lived.

"He was a sponsored skateboarder in Denver, Colorado and lived with my aunt,” Weber said.

Weber sent his son Nick to Denver for a chance at a better life. Nick turned 16 on December 25. Then on New Year's Day, Weber received a phone call from his aunt that Nick had died. Weber later told Deer Park Elementary he would be driving his children to Colorado to attend Nick's memorial service this weekend.

"We started pulling funds together every way we could to get there," he said.

Weber's two younger children go to school at Deer Park Elementary. The school contacted him and said meet there at noon. He arrived with no idea what act of kindness was in store.

“I went to pick up my daughter's homework today and they handed me this package and said it was for me. Inside of it was a $150 gas voucher. What school does that? I mean when you're going through something so hard and somebody lifts you up and hands you this. It takes the words right out of your mouth," Weber said.

It is over 2,000 miles roundtrip to drive from Deer Park to Denver and it will cost over $200 in gas. The school's gift card covers a majority of that cost and Weber said it is also making the trip a little easier.

"I mean this is going to take so much relief off of us so we don't have to sell things to be able to get back home or do this trip," he said. "I could never be able to say thank you big enough for this. I mean this helped me so much."