SPOKANE, Wash. -- Darigold leaders said Friday they have completed the investigation into the liquid found in a chocolate milk carton Shadle Park High School Monday.

Officials said no more affected cartons have been found or consumed.

Darigold leaders had previously said the liquid in the chocolate milk carton had a mixture of trace amounts of food grade sanitizer and water. They said it poses no health risk. Darigold officials said the sanitizer is FDA approved for contact with product containers.

Darigold Spokesperson Sarah Taydas said after the voluntary withdrawal of the milk, they were able to identify and recover 87 percent of all potential products that could have been affected with the best by date of February 6. The company’s investigation has narrowed the scope of maximum cartons affected to 1,000, which is less than one percent of the entire production. Company leaders said they expect fewer cartons were affected.

Darigold officials said they identified that a procedural error was what cause the issue and they immediately put in place corrective actions across all Darigold plants to prevent this from happening again.

Taydas again offered an apology for the error on Friday saying, “We are sorry that our procedural error has caused alarm and angst for Shadle Park High School students, as well as the school district and parents. We apologize that the student had a bad experience with our product. We take the health of our consumers very seriously and are committed to providing quality products.”