SPOKANE, Wash. – Construction at Riverfront Park is on track and pressing forward.

While many have seen the work from the outside, not many have seen the progress inside. KREM 2’s Rob Harris got to go behind the chain link fence and see the work being completed on the new park.

The park is mostly mud, concrete and construction equipment at this point. An exception is the carousel building, which is empty, but still standing. Officials said the building is scheduled to be demolished starting March 13. Demolition was postponed a week due to higher levels of encased asbestos than anticipated. Now, the carousel building must be fully abated.

However, Riverfront Park officials said they will be able to make up the time and will continue to run on schedule.

Crews are digging the path for the new ice ribbon, which will not be used during the summer. It will be open for rollerblading, as well as private events. At this point, construction crews are working to have it ready for the holidays.

Crews are also installing a new pedestrian bridge. The bridge will be wider and equipped with power so it can host venues and kiosks during park events.

Another addition to the park will be the “asphalt jungle,” as Spokane Parks and Recreation crews call it. Most of the asphalt paths will be replaced with plants and a boardwalk to give it more of a “river feel.”

“What it’s going to help citizens feel like is, ‘Yeah, we’re next to a river and this is what it’s supposed to look like.’ It’s going to feel softer. I think the temperatures are going to feel cooler because the asphalt’s not there, it’s not going to be emanating heat, and it’s just going to be a more pleasant experience,” said Leroy Eadie of Spokane Parks and Recreation.