SPOKANE, Wash. — A woman in connection to a fatal shooting at an apartment complex on the lower South Hill is charged with first degree murder and first degree assault. Anne Carpenter, 23, was in court today for shooting property manager Michael Troy and killing owner Danette Kane.

According to court documents, Anne Carpenter's father lives in the Westview Manor apartment complex where the shooting took place on Dec. 19. Police say a dispute between the manager and Carpenter's father could have been a motive in the shooting.

Court documents show witnesses described Carpenter fleeing the scene in a dark colored jacket and pajama pants. Police found a coat along the west riverbank in the Latah Creek area. Officials said the coat appeared to have been freshly left at this location and the sleeves were pulled inside out.

Following the shooting, a sketch was released to track down the suspect. Crime Check officials said they received several tips from the community with reports of who the suspect might be.

“We are so thankful for their help in this with all of the tips they have provided," said John O'Brien, SPD spokesman.

One of these tips indicated that Carpenter worked at the Spokesman Review as a part-time employee.

According to court documents, police reviewed surveillance footage of Carpenter leaving the Spokesman Review wearing pajama pants and a dark colored jacket. Police recognized the coat that Carpenter was wearing in the surveillance footage as the exact style, color, and type of coat found near Latah Creek. The pattern on the pants matched a description from a witness who spoke with the suspect shortly before the shooting at the apartment complex.

Carpenter was found and arrested on December 22nd in the Northtown area. Her bail is set a $1 million.