SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane couple is asking for help after their dog was stolen along with their SUV Saturday night.

Mike Clark said his wife Tammy was at the U.S. Bank on Altamont and Sprague around 8:30 p.m. when their 1998 white Mercury Mountaineer was stolen with their dog Mr. Piggins inside. The SUV was missing the right side rear view mirror.

Clark said his wife had gotten out of the SUV to go get money from the ATM when a man in a black hoodie jumped into the car.

"Man, she has been up all night.. Crying so loud that she can't even talk.. That's why she's not out here," said Clark.

At first Tammy though her dog may have stepped on the gear shift, until she looked in the drivers seat and saw the hooded man.

"She started screaming 'Please, my dog!' and people from The Flame were standing outside saying 'Are you okay?' And then she called the police," Clark explained.

The couple said they just want Mr. Piggins back. They unfortunately do not have a picture of the Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix because Tammy’s phone with all her photos was also stolen with the SUV.

Mr. Piggins is light brown in color, has a white neck and a distinctive ‘x’ marking on his shoulders.

The Clarks said they have filed a police report and they hope that maybe surveillance video will help police track down the person responsible. If you see the car or the dog you are asked to call Spokane Police.