SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane family is struggling to save Christmas after a real-life Grinch not only broke into their homes but then opened and stole their presents from under the tree.

Natasha Vargas and Michael Glatzmaier came home from work Thursday and found their door wide open.

“We walked in and the first thing we was saw was everything unwrapped,” Glatzmaier said. “A complete mess. They overturned everything.”

Vargas said the thieves made their way into the house by jimmying a locked window open. Footprints outside show the burglars climbed up the side of the house to access the small window.

SPD said they were able to retrieve fingerprints and are looking for the suspects.

“Be vigilant,” Vargas said. “People are looking in your neighborhoods for opportunities to steal your Christmas away.”

Three laptops, a brand new camera, a TV and their Christmas presents are gone, but they said the hardest part will be showing up to Christmas with the family empty handed.

Glatzmaier is a musical comedian by night and an instructor at the Mobius Science Center. Vargas said his coworkers are helping them out.

“Thanks to Mobius we will have some gifts,” she said. “My boss had these presents to give to my nephew and nieces.”

Vargas said this can be prevented if people work as a community and are extra vigilant during the holiday season.

“Thank God we don't have children,” she said. “I could only imagine if this happened to a family with a bunch of kids, how devastating.”