The contractor who bulldozed a road across the South Hill Bluff filed a third party complaint against another party involved in the proposed project.

Last month, Swedberg Contracting removed trees and bulldozed a road near the Qualchan Golf Couse. The bulldozed area crossed land owned by Avista, the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department, and private property.

The road was part of a proposal to build a par 3 golf course for kids in the area, run by First Tee.

Swedberg Contracting is being sued by the Bracher Family for bulldozing their private property that is surrounded by land owned by the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation department.

In response to the lawsuit, last week Swedberg contracting filed a third party complaint naming First Tee in the suit. The contractor claims he performed work on the property at the request of First Tee “after obtaining written approval from Avista and the approval of City of Spokane personnel to build a roadway using an Avista easement..."

The complaint naming First Tee also claims the organization told the contractor the private property owners had been informed of the project and had no objections to the proposed work.

The attorney for the private property owner however, said the work was done without their permission.

The complaint also states, "Avista, the easement holder, authorized the tree removal and roadway work in accord with its easement and intended to shoulder the majority of the cost of building the road and intended to use it to maintain and repair its transmission and utilities in the area."

Avista has said they planned to use the road for a future project in the area and told KREM 2 they had a cost sharing agreement with First Tee.

The City of Spokane is now working to restore the area and said Avista is paying for the restoration. It is now possible Avista or the City of Spokane could be added as parties named in the lawsuit.

First Tee has yet to respond to the allegations. KREM 2 reached out to First Tee, but they could not comment on the complaint as of Wednesday.