SPOKANE, Wash. – Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ constituents made another attempt Thursday to invite her to a town hall meeting.

Dozens of people she represents in Congress headed down to her office in Downtown Spokane Thursday at 11:00 a.m. to deliver a “golden ticket” to attend a town hall meeting on February 28, the same day of the State of the Union Address in Washington D.C.

The people involved in the event believe McMorris Rodgers owes her constituents a chance to bring issues to her in person. Organizers said it “shouldn’t take a golden ticket to win a meeting with our elected Representative to address concerns about healthcare, immigration, women’s health and other issues.”

"We have to stand up now and I'm 67-years-old I've never been out like this, I've always believed in our system and I think it's broken ," said Alan McDonald who attended the protest.

People signed the “golden ticket” that they delivered to her office, held signs and waved flags. Organizers said more than 700 hundred people signed something similar online. Spokane City Council member Breean Beggs also spoke at the event.

Molly Drenkard, a spokesperson for McMorris Rodgers, released a statement Thursday afternoon saying:

“The Congresswoman believes hearing from everyone in Eastern Washington makes her a better representative. She has held town halls in the past and will hold town halls in the future. She is dedicated to finding common ground and having constructive, courageous conversations about how we can better our communities. The regular protesters who frequent our office are deliberately trying to tie up resources and prevent the Congresswoman from serving the people of Eastern Washington--such as our veterans, seniors, or those with disabilities who are struggling to get help with a federal agency. We ask the community for patience and understanding as we work to answer requests for assistance as quickly as possible despite delays because of today’s protesters.”

Protestors said they will continue to organize events like today until they get a town hall with her in person.