SPOKANE, Wash.-- The employees of Action Recycling and one firefighter from the Tri-Cities gave more than just smiles back to their community.

Tamara Lear’s garage was broken into and her son’s bike was stolen. Later that week, she had another bike stolen from her home.

“I knew I should have taken it inside, but I didn’t and now it’s gone,” said Lear.

Lear told KREM 2 the first place she went after giving a police report was Action Recycling. She said she was worried the thief would try to sell the aluminum bike frames.

“I showed them pictures of the bikes and they told me they’d keep an eye out,” said Lear.

Lear said she tried everything to find the stolen bikes. She posted on multiple Facebook pages in hopes somebody had seen them.

She said that is when a firefighter from the Tri-Cities contacted her and said he wanted to replace one of her son's bikes.

“He bought my son the exact same bike! He also got him a really good lock,” said Lear.

As a thank you, Lear said she made the firefighter banana bread.

That was not where the story ended, though.

Action Recycling got ahold of Lear and asked if she knew what they had been up to.

“I told them, ‘No! What’s going on?’” said Lear.

That’s when they told her they had been raising donations to replace her children's bikes.

“They asked me how much I thought it cost, and I guessed around $119. They told me the donation jar had raised $217,” said Lear.

That amount was enough to replace the second bike and buy a helmet and lock for her son.

“That’s when I went home and made more banana bread for them!” said Lear.

Lear said the whole experience had its ups and downs, but reminded her there are good people in the world.