SPOKANE, Wash. --- Salem Lutheran Church located in Spokane's West Central neighborhood was the target of vandalism Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning, church goers and community members came together to help clean up the damage. The sanctuary, sacristy, fireside room, main office, and community room were all damaged according to Pastor Liv Larson Andrews. However, she does not believe there was any motivation behind the vandalism.

"There was some marker graffiti on a side window, but again, nothing that indicated any kind of hatefulness or ill-will... It doesn't seem connected to any of our mission or our principles or our values. It feels pretty random," said Andrews.

Aside from candle wax, spilled wine, and minor water damage, Andrews said a number of valuable objects - like the organ and piano - were not damaged. Andrews reported a marble baptismal font as the only thing stolen.

"Given that folks we able to get in, we're quite fortunate to not have worse things occur and of course we're really grateful that no people were harmed," said Andrews.

Andrews said the church's Sunday service will still be held during normal hours as the building has been restored with the help of about 40 volunteers.

"A day like today is just a really wonderful reminder for us all that we're never alone in this, you know, we're apart of a network and a community that really comes together," said Andrews.