SPOKANE, Wash. – Visit Spokane has been actively tweeting at Cody Delistraty after the Spokane-native wrote an article, ridden with inaccuracies, negatively featuring the Lilac City.

*We fact-checked the article here.*

The tweet storm started with Visit Spokane telling Delistraty they saw his piece. Then they began to troll Delistraty with the facts thanks to the help of many local businesses. The best part? Our friends at Visit Spokane started #CodyComeHome to encourage the now-Parisian to come back to his roots.

Who could forget the carousel? Delistraty said it is closed for the majority of the year. Well, the carousel is closed right now because it is getting a little TLC!

Visit Spokane even offered to help Delistraty plan his trip home. How kind!

The good people at Indaba even got in on the fun. It may not be Paris, but the Spokane staple is locally owned and roasts their own coffee.

Visit Spokane -- Keep doing what you are doing; encouraging visitors to come to our wonderful city.

Mr. Delistraty -- We would love for you to come back and visit your old stomping grounds.