SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Rain and melting snow sent one family in Spokane County scrambling on Wednesday.

A nearby culvert clogged sending all the runoff straight toward their home on Gordon Road. The homeowner has come up with a creative way to get rid of the water by pulling things found in her garage.

Yvonne Kriger said the culvert in front of her home began to overflow a few days ago.

“Rocks and dirt and mud and sand and chips so nothing will flow thorough there,” said Kriger.

She said she immediately ran out to get sand bags to keep the water from running up too far on her property. That's not all she used.

"My son had 4 tires that he wasn't using on his car and my neighbor down the road found a couple in the ditch again and some old brick and my husband is a firefighter so he has some old hose and we just improvised and did what we could," she said.

This is just a temporary fix. Kriger wants the county to address to clogged culvert. The county told her they weren't able to try to unblock or widen the culvert until the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife approved their permit to do so. This is because the work could disturb the fish habit in the area.

A state of emergency was declared Wednesday evening. Fish and Wildlife officials said this gives the county 24/7 verbal permits to get work like this taken care of.

"They said well sometimes fish have more rights than people do so I said you're not the one in two feet of water," she said.

Kriger said she's frustrated but for now she will continue to do what she can.