SPOKANE, Wash. -- Climate experts visiting Spokane on a 12-city tour say the Inland Northwest’s summers are going to get hotter and dryer, which means even more destructive fires in the future.

Those climate experts said they are mostly concerned with the impact climate has on these wildfires. They said with a warmer climate, there is less snow pack and dryer soils which makes it easier to for fires to spread faster.

John Sandevig, a volunteer with the Citizens Climate Lobby, said the climate is changing because of global warming. He said that means here in Washington we could see more destructive wildfires.

"We can predict that the extreme fires that we've seen in recent years will become more and more frequent. We can't necessarily say we're going to have it next year or the year after. But that is going to be the trend," he said.

Sandevig suggests we can get ahead of climate change and its affects on our wildfire season by looking for ways to individually reduce our carbon footprint.