SPOKANE, Wash. – Citizens in the city of Spokane are asked to park on the odd side of the street in residential areas for the entire snow season, which runs from November 15 to March 15. The goal is to make it easier for citizens to comply with parking rules to help plow drivers get down streets safely.

One citizen, Dennis Chambers, found out that it does not mean you are immune to berms, “They have everybody park over on one side of the road and they go ahead and plow them in.” The city of Spokane commented and said parking on the odd side of the street does not guarantee snow will not be plowed next to your vehicle.

“If they are going to do that push it over onto the empty side,” Chambers said. The city said it’s not as simple as pushing it to one side. They say drivers try to avoid cars as much as possible but because of the sheer volume of snow, it can be pushed out from both sides of the blade.

To see the routes, check out the residential plow map. To check the progress of city plows, go the city’s plow map.