SPOKANE, Wash. - The City of Spokane reported Monday night their crews had finished a full city plow after several inches of snow fell on Friday and Sunday.

City officials said they will have crews out doing clean up over the next few days. Anyone who wants to report their block was missed should call 3-1-1, officials said.

Marlene Feist, the strategic development director, said they did have some issues with residents parking on the wrong side of the street. Residents should park on the odd side of the street when the roads need to be plowed this season.

"We did see a lot of neighborhoods where people were not consistent with their parking," Feist said. "What that does is slow us down and it doesn't enable us to get as good plowing as we would like."

The City of Spokane is also testing new gates that keep snow from piling up in driveways. Feist said about seven of the city's 50 snow vehicles are outfitted with the new technology.

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"If they don't see a berm, they were lucky!" Feist said. "So they got some advantage of the pilot program. What I would say is if you didn't see a berm this time, probably expect to see one the next time we have to do a plow like this because we're going to try and rotate their use so that more people can benefit from that."

She said if using the seven gated plows proves to be successful this season, they will buy more next year.

"One of the things that people have told us is we're sending them heavy, plowed snow onto their sidewalk and making it difficult for them to clear the sidewalk," Feist said. "So we have instructed our drivers to plow a little bit away from the curb so we don't throw as much snow onto the sidewalk."

Under the new plan, Browne's Addition is not the last neighborhood to be plowed. The city said they are still working to determine how plows did there, but residents told KREM 2 they were happy to see how quickly the plows came out.

"It was immediate, it was fast and it was good," said Stan Orr, a local resident. "Perfect!"