SPOKANE, Wash. – City of Spokane crews tested a new pothole patching machine Thursday morning. Crews filled potholes on South Freya Street between East 2nd Avenue and Sprague Avenue.

The work was done as part of efforts to smooth rough roads and improve safety. Per the City of Spokane, the new machine uses an emulsifier with aggregate to fill the holes. The mixture has been used in Idaho and Oregon.

City of Spokane Street Director Gary Kaesemeyer said the mix takes about 20 minutes to dry. Cement based mixes, which have been used in the past, take four hours to dry.

The street director said this new mix is more of a permanent fix. If crews don't have to continue to come back to the same potholes, city leaders said it will save money in the long run.

Next week, Inland Asphalt will open early so crews can use a hot mixture to fill potholes they normally can't get until later in the year.

City leaders said they are waiting for another freeze thaw cycle to see which mixtures holds up the best against the weather. So crews will evaluate each mixture after our next cold snap and decide what the best option is for fixing potholes moving forward.