SPOKANE, Wash. – The City of Spokane put out a request for public input into possibly allowing buildings to be taller on the south side of Riverfront Park.

City officials have said previously they are trying to find a balance between promoting downtown business while also trying to preserve the ambiance of Riverfront Park.

When it comes to the properties across from Riverfront Park along Spokane Falls Boulevard, City code states buildings cannot be taller than 100-feet or ten stories to avoid blocking out the sun at the park. Once a building reaches that height, presently, the subsequent floors are supposed to have a 15 ft. stepback.

The City said in a release Friday the property owners of the two surface lots slated for re-development have expressed concern the current height restrictions will prevent them from developing those sites.

LINK: City of Spokane’s in-depth analysis of shading over Riverpark Square

As such, city officials are seeking feedback on changes to the limitations on floor size of towers and the distance between them.

There is a survey on the City of Spokane website here or residents can email the project manager at kfreibott@spokanecity.org.