AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. -- The City of Airway Heights has begun flushing their water system after contaminants were found in the water earlier this week.

KREM 2 On Your Side spoke to the Airway Heights City Manager Albert Tripp to learn more about the process of flushing the water.

“When I say ‘flushing the system,’ what it means is that we’re taking the water that’s in the pipes and letting it out of the pipes,” said Tripp. “We’re doing that because we are replacing it with water that doesn’t have the chemicals in it,”

The city is working with both the EPA and Department of Health to put together a plan for discharging the contaminated water. City officials said the plan is to let the contaminated water out back into the ground at the contaminated water wells.

“It’s not a concern because it’s actually already there. That water that is in the system there came from that very source. And since we’re not using those wells until we get treatment on each of those wells, it will not get back into the system,” said Tripp.

City officials also said they are working on long-term plans to make sure contaminants do not get back into the water again in the future.