SPOKANE, Wash. – Although this winter has been a rough season for snow plow drivers, the winter weather has also been tough on city maintenance crews. Only halfway through winter, a lot more work is expected to be on the way.

Many of the city’s plows have been running non-stop since before Christmas. As a result of the high number storms we have had, the plows have gone through a lot of wear and tear this season.

“You’ve had a specific amount of time in the field for each of these pieces of equipment and to be hit by storm after storm, it starts to add up,” Brian Coddington, Spokane’s Public Information Officer said.

Spokane’s winter budget is around $2.5 million a year. Last season left about $750,000 in the bank, but with this year’s weather, the city believes that extra money has already been used.

“It’s way too early to say. We’re less than two weeks into January and we have the rest of this snow season to finish out,” Coddington said, “As of this moment we have plenty of budget, but that all depends on the volume of snow that we get.”

Right now, Spokane’s main focus is getting through the winter.

Although 50 plows are able to clear roads, 10 are in need of repairs.

“Sometimes the issues are minor and they can get them out quickly, sometimes there a more issues that need to be worked on to find parts and those kind of things,” Coddington said.

Whether it is a small repair or a large one, mechanics are working as fast as possible to keep up with the demand.