SPOKANE, Wash. – Trash in Downtown Spokane is causing problems for local businesses.

The street at Pacific and Bernard is covered in garbage. Business owners said the problem has been going on for about a year but now it is the worst they have seen it. Late Monday afternoon, KREM 2 learned the City of Spokane sent out a crew to pick up all the garbage on the street. City leaders said they decided to take immediate action while they work to find a long term solution.

“This is worse than normal I think but probably because of the winter and the snow and all its build up,” said business owner Jeremy Hansen.

Hansen owns two restaurants on Pacific and Bernard Downtown. He said the trash problem has been going on too long.

“We don't want to cause any trouble with our neighbors we love our neighbors, but what are we supposed to do at this point? We can't allow it, I can’t allow it, it's just gross,” he said.

Hansen said all of the business owners in his building are frustrated nothing has been done to solve the problem. He's gone out himself and picked up some of the trash but he said enough is enough.

“It's I think a responsibility and duty from the owners of the dumpsters to clean up the mess or find another solution to the problem,” Hansen explained.

City leaders said the trash is the property owner's responsibility. A litter crew from the city witnessed people throwing garbage out of the windows at the Downtowner Motel... along with the dumpster overflowing. KREM 2 reached out to the Downtowner Motel, they said the owner is out of town until later this week. The City issued a notice of violation to the motel last week. They have until March 17th to take action. City leader said they have not decided if they will bill the motel for the clean up.

For businesses nearby, the trash is not just an eyesore that could keep customers away, they also worry about what it's doing to our environment.