SPOKANE, Wash. – High winds hit the Inland Northwest Monday night.

At Schweitzer Mountain, the wind gusted as high as 92 miles per hour and the Spokane Airport had a peak wind gust of 53 miles per hour. Those winds caused some damage around the area.

The biggest clean up city crews focused on Tuesday was at Regal and 17th on the South Hill.

KREM 2 talked to the homeowner whose tree uprooted during the wind storm. He said they have lived at the home for 19 years and have not seen a tree come down until now. The city of Spokane said thankfully Monday night was not really a dramatic storm but for some residents it came pretty close.

"I was sitting in this window over here and just sitting on their chair and the wind seemed to come up really strong really fast. I heard quite a bit of noise, but didn't know what really happened to be honest," Mark McMulkin said.

McMulkin lives near 28th and Perry on the South Hill. The tree in his yard uprooted and landed on his neighbor's car parked on the street. He said he and his family spent most of the night in the basement as a precaution.

The City of Spokane said crews responded to about four areas, mostly on the South Hill to clear away downed trees. As far as clean up goes, the city will clear sidewalk to sidewalk. Whatever is left in someone's yard is homeowner's responsibility.