SPOKANE, Wash. – City crews were busy Thursday night plowing the snow. Then on Friday, they started clearing branches that were brought down by the heavy, wet snow.

Heavy and wet snow makes for a great powerful snowball but when it accumulates on a tree branch it can cause sagging.

“All of a sudden we just heard a little crack and looked over and sure enough the tree right there was falling and watched it learn right onto our car,” Kyle Pagliaro said.

Pagliaro was one of 35 fallen tree and debris calls the City of Spokane responded to Friday. The city saw a significant spike in the number of trees falling during this storm compared to the last. The City's Urban Forester Angel Spell said it all has to do with the type of snow.

“It was a wet dense heavy snow, very different from a week or two ago when we had a really dry light snow,” Spell said.

If a tree falls into the middle of a public street blocking the right of way, the city will take care of it. Compared to the 2015 windstorm that wiped out 817 trees into public streets, 35 is average.

“Given the event that we had we really saw a minimal impact on the trees,” Spell explained.

Spell said a little wind would have helped the snapping tree situation.

“If there are any lines involved whether they be communication lines, utility lines, power lines stay away and give a call to both the City and Avista,” Spell said.

During this time of year, the city is extremely busy. They said it is a balancing act between repairing potholes, tree clean up, plowing, and deicing throughout Spokane.