SPOKANE, Wash. – The Spokane City Council approved the continuation of its parklets program. The council voted six to one in favor of their return during Monday night's council meeting.

The program started back in the summer 2015. Parklets are usually located in a loading zone or parking space and serve as an extended sidewalk. Most of the parklets offer people a place to sit and hang out. Local businesses were excited about the idea of parklets returning.

With the approval, the City is expected to place a new parklet in two parking spaces in front of Fire Artisan Pizza and Nudo Ramen House on West Sprague Avenue.

“I think downtown parking is already pretty tight, but people always find some parking," Fire Artisan Pizza manager Jingou Sun said.

There was some concern they would hurt businesses because they would take away parking spaces but in the exact opposite.

The parklets are all privately funded but get designed by architect Jose Barajas. He said they have gotten requests from businesses to build them at their location. That was the case for the proposed Parklets by Nudo and Fire.

“They actually called us and said, 'We want a parklet here because it's a great spot to have people eating outside and consuming outside in front of Nudo and [Fire]," Barajas said.

Now that the City Council has approved the parklet program to continue, it could also allow for businesses to serve food and alcohol to customers at the parklet.