CHATTAROY, Wash. – A Chattaroy man is facing a misdemeanor charge for shooting and killing his neighbor’s dog Friday. Michael Caswell said his dog Maggie was shot and killed in front of his house by a neighbor. Caswell claims he could not get Maggie to come inside his home, so he took his four-year-old daughter inside and planned to come back out to get Maggie. Unfortunately, it was too late.

“It wasn’t very long, I had been back in the house when I heard a gunshot,” Caswell explained.

According to Caswell, Maggie was shot six times by his neighbor, Richard Anderson. Deputies arrived and cited Anderson with killing a pet, which is a misdemeanor charge.

KREM 2 spoke with Anderson on the phone. He claims Maggie was vicious and chased a smaller dog in the neighborhood who had been attacked by a different dog a few weeks ago. Anderson said he tried to work with SCRAPS to deal with the issue involving the other dog, but said nothing happened. Anderson said this time, he decided to handle it himself and shot Maggie.

According to Anderson, he loves animals and is remorseful for the dog, but not the owner. Anderson said Caswell should have controlled Maggie. Although Caswell only had Maggie for a few months he said she was never aggressive toward smaller dogs he owns or people.

“She's not aggressive,” Caswell explained. “I've only had her for a little while, like I said only three months, but she wasn't aggressive toward my dogs and I don't believe she attacked another dog."

Anderson has an arraignment set for November 14th.