SPOKANE, Wash. –When the Spokane Police Department's Patrol Anti-Crime (PACT) Team tried to arrest three people suspected of carjacking someone at gun point, one of the suspects jumped into a car and started ramming vehicles. Three officers were almost hit by the suspect’s car.

"Our Patrol Anti-Crime Team was doing surveillance on a vehicle that was reported as taken at gun point,” explained Spokane Police Officer Kyle Yrigollen. “It was a black dodge pickup."

Surveillance video from Sunset Grocery near Browne’s Addition caught the whole thing on camera. The PACT Team was trying to avoid a high speed car chase that could put other drivers at risk, so they moved in on the suspects after they got out of their cars in the store’s parking lot.

The three people involved are now identified as 13-time convicted felon Nickolas Davis, a man named Christian Bravo, and a woman named Danielle Leib. All three were also already wanted on outstanding felony Washington State Department of Corrections Warrants.

The PACT Team arrested Davis without incident, but police say Bravo jumped back into a silver Volvo and started ramming cars in the parking lot. Officer Kyle Yrigollen's body camera footage shows how quickly he had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

“It is not a position you ever want to be in,” Yrigollen said. “But, it is something that you need to get out of the way and do what you have to do to keep yourself safe and to keep other people safe."

Police say Bravo took off down the street, but ended up crashing into a pole at 4th and Maple. His passenger, Danielle Leib, was hurt in the crash and stayed in the car. Officers arrested her, but Bravo took off on foot. Body camera shows the moment he was finally taken into custody. Officer Yrigollen explained why a suspect has to be taken down to the ground quickly in this type of situation.

"Mainly because you do not know what is in his mind,” Yrigollen explained. “He has already shown that he is willing to kill people at that point. He could have a firearm in that other hand, he could use it on you, so taking him quickly down to the ground can sometimes avoid an attack that may be being planned.”

All three suspects are facing several charges and are now in jail. Officers are thankful no one else was hurt.

"It is very dangerous. It can be scary and it can be life threatening for us, as well as, the citizens in the area," Yrigollen said.