SPOKANE, Wash --- A candlelight vigil was held at the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place, Sunday evening, to stand against racism. It is in response to the Charlottesville riot that left three people dead.

The Facebook page called it “SPOKANE CITIZENS STAND AGAINST RACISM,” it is a peaceful vigil where people are encouraged to stand in solidarity with Charlottesville.

The Facebook page said they are coming together because they will not accept what happened in Charlottesville as the “new normal.”

“Nobody is celebrating here today, we are just deeply sorrowful for what is happening in our country,” said activist, Cynthia Hamilton.

The vigil began at six p.m. and people were told not to bring wax candles, they were encouraged to bring flashlights or LED candles instead.

Speakers at the vigil include an instructor from Gonzaga University and a local minister.

“I just think everybody feels like they need to be together to support each other. When times get tough and you get emotional you need to be with like-minded people,” said activist, Susan Silva.

There was a nationwide moment of silence observed for the people who died and were injured at seven p.m.

Flowers were donated by Albertson’s and Yoke’s, and people were encouraged to take one and give it to someone around town as a show of peace.