SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.— The civil suit against the man who claimed he accidentally shot and killed his wife in 2016 was dismissed.

Court documents showed the civil suit filed against Dwayne Thurman for wrongful death was dismissed Thursday. The lawyer for Brenda Thurman’s children, Gabrielle and Michael, said the suit was dismissed after the suit was settled for an undisclosed amount of money out of court.

The lawsuits claimed negligence for pointing a gun at his wife’s chest, and that he never tried to save her by immediately calling 911 or performing CPR. Thurman is still awaiting trial for manslaughter.

The lawyer for Brenda’s children said they are still moving forward with a lawsuit to disinherit Dwayne from Brenda’s estate under Washington’s Slayer Statute. This would prevent Thurman from benefiting financially from Brenda's death. A hearing for that lawsuit is set for May.

Thurman shot his wife on January 18, 2016. On that day, he called 911 saying he accidentally shot his wife.

Court documents state Brenda’s daughter, Gabrielle, rushed her to the hospital after waiting several minutes for emergency responders to arrive at their home. Brenda was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Dwayne's attorney said what happened is nothing more than a tragic accident.