SPOKANE, Wash. – The expected rise in sales this holiday season is good news for those looking for work in Spokane.

Places such as Target on Spokane’s South Hill said there could be at least 40 positions they would fill for the holidays.

Local economists from WorkSource Spokane said they are seeing a huge increase in people who have already started their holiday shopping. The kicker for this year though, is the majority of it is taking place online.

Because of that, WorkSource officials said we will start seeing a trend in more jobs opening in the warehouse shopping industry. They said they are expecting to see roughly 800 jobs open up for the holidays in the Spokane County area alone.

The unemployment rate is down according to WorkSource officials. They said in 2015 it was 6.7 percent and is now down to 6.2 percent. They also said they expect more full time jobs to emerge from the temporary holiday jobs.

Some places hiring right now are the aforementioned Target, Macy’s, Sears, Salvation Army, and Fred Meyer.

To get more information on who is hiring and where, check out WorkSource Spokane’s website and type in “seasonal” in the search bar.