SPOKANE, Wash.— A group of volunteers works behind the scenes to make sure firefighters have everything they need on the job.

The group of unsung heroes are part of the firefighter support services.

The support services make sure firefighters are fed, rested, hydrated and much more.

The volunteer group is made up of people in all different walks of life, said retired firefighter David Willis.

Willis said he hung up his fire helmet in the mid 90’s, but after a while he felt the call to go back into action.

“We have folks who are young and old. Mostly retired and not able to fight fire anymore, so they still want to contribute,” said Willis.

He now volunteers for Spokane County Fire District 4.

The most recent example of the support services in action was the Deer Park Fire Academy. The volunteers for support services coordinated all the resources and infrastructure there.

"We essentially built a city within a day," said Willis.

There is no prior experience needed to volunteer for support services. If that is something you are interested in, we have more information here.