SPOKANE, Wash. – A nationwide push begins Tuesday to keep people safe online, and the Better Business Bureau in Spokane said you may be more vulnerable to online hackers than you might think.

The BBB said cyber crimes have been on the rise in our area. In the past two months, the BBB has issued warnings to people who may have been victims of a puppy scam. They also want to keep people vigilant against those who set up fake fundraisers for victims of wildfires.

Some helpful tips to keep yourself safe online:

  • Make sure you go in and check the privacy settings on your social media accounts.
  • Turn on the two-step verification on any of your accounts when you can to add that extra layer of security when you go to sign-in.
  • Regularly go in and update the software on your personal computer.
  • Make sure you think twice before posting anything on any of your social media accounts.

If you are curious about any ongoing scams or threats, the BBB has a scam tracker set up that you can view here.