SPOKANE, Wash. – As the Guardian issued an apology for its ‘Struggling Spokane’ article Thursday, so did the author of the piece.

Cody Delistraty wrote a blog post for the Inlander on Thursday afternoon saying the goal of his piece was to “humanize” the city of Spokane and his essay did not do so.

On Tuesday, Delistraty published an article with the Guardian title “How Gonzaga became the central hope for the struggling city of Spokane.” The article was filled with inaccuracies and claimed Spokane was a city whose only hope was the success of the Gonzaga basketball team.

Delistraty wrote that he wanted to “highlight a point of genuine optimism.” He went on to say, “It was written as a response to the people outside of Spokane who speak poorly of our hometown.”

He said he was charmed by the response of our community and was blown away by the civic pride the city has. He also said the Gonzaga basketball team is clearly not the only source of hope for the city.

Delistraty ended the blog post by writing, “To anyone who was hurt by the essay, I apologize. Spokane is a place, as so many residents know, that is full of courage and progress and success.”