SPOKANE, Wash. -- There are apps that let you rent out your car to make a little extra cash but it is raising some safety concerns.

KREM 2 found two apps where you can rent out your car. Both said they screen renters and offer liability insurance. Police said there are still risks to consider before you go listing your car.

“You still may open yourself up to civil liability because you’re the one who owns that car. You have control over that car and you're just leasing it out to someone else, so that's another thing to think about too,” Spokane Police Officer Josh Liava said.

Even with insurance, police warn things could ultimately come back to you.

“If someone is out there committing crimes in your vehicle or they're involved in a major incident you may have some civil liability way down the line that may come back to you,” Liava explained.

At the end of the day, you could make a little extra cash but you cannot control what happens to your car when someone else is driving it.