AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. – An Airway Heights resident has filed a claim against Fairchild Air Force Base over the water contamination in the city.

Attorneys Andrew Biviano and Breean Beggs filed the claim on behalf of Millwee Holler-Kanaga. They said she is a longtime resident of land located near the base and its fire suppression training area. She and her husband said they rely on a private well for their drinking water and were recently informed by the Air Force that it is contaminated by chemical that could impact their health.

The claim states that Holler-Kanaga wants to hold the government accountable for the loss of use and reduced value of their property, the cost of health monitoring and any health impacts caused by the contaminated water.

“I don’t think there’s any dispute that there’s damage to the property itself, the value of their home will go way down,” said Biviano. “There’s also just the damage done to your property rights, we all have the right to not have people trespass on our land, we have a legal right to the quiet use and enjoyment of our property.”

The Air Force has been notified of this claim and then attorneys expect the lawsuit to be filed in federal court in six months.

Biviano said this might turn into a class action lawsuit but at this point they are focusing on helping people one-on-one.