AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. – The City of Airway Heights began to periodically flush out the contaminated water on Tuesday, then started to continuously flush nonstop Thursday morning.

This is happening at the city’s reclamation site, and at fire hydrants at three different city parks. At 600 gallons a minute, the fire hydrants helped clear the city’s water system of the PFOS and PFOA chemicals. The city said it plans to continue to flush the water through the weekend.

On Tuesday, the city announced there were high levels of two different contaminants in the water and urged residents not to drink it.

Residents expressed relief as they are glad to see the city taking action to help clear the water of contaminants. However, locals still have some concern about the slight flooding the hydrants have caused.

City Manager Albert Tripp said the contaminated water seeping back into the ground should not be a concern because it will mix in with the contaminated water that is already there.

“That water that is in the system there, came from that very source. Since we’re not using those wells until we get treatment on each of those wells it will not get back into the system,” said Tripp.

After the weekend, the city said they plan to test the water’s contaminant levels, and hopes to get the results back within one to two weeks. The city also plans to continue to flush out the contaminated water until the test results come back clear.