SPOKANE, Wash. -- Skating accidents on the ice ribbon in Riverfront park have at a rate of one per day.

The ice ribbon has seen about 25,000 visitors the 20 days it has been open. There have been 20 reported incidents that required first aid. That is roughly one incident per day. Two of the 20 accidents resulted in transports to the emergency room.

Rules posted right outside the entrance tell people to skate at their own risk. Helmets are also recommended. It also addresses what you should do if you are injured or hurt on the ice. You should report it to skate attendants.

Rules posted at the Ice Ribbon

"We want to stress safety and precautions that people take when they participate in this recreational activity," Jon Moog, Riverfront Park Director. "Ice by its very nature is risky and so we're likely to have accidents or injuries. We're actually seeing fewer injures this year in proportion to the number of visitors we had at the previous Ice Palace."

Sacred Heart Medical Center said it sees about one person per day with minor injuries from the ice ribbon.

That number is consistent with the Ice Palace when it was open during the 2015-2016 winter season. The Ice Palace also saw around 26,000 visitors during that time. The ice ribbon has already nearly caught up with that number.