SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane City Council passed a global warming ordinance regarding climate change in a 6-1 vote Monday night.

The meeting regarding global warming had a large turnout with people who are against the ordinance. Among those opposed are members of the Spokane County Republican Party. The groups members said this is a topic the city council should not be focusing their attention on.

"Their job is to take care of public safety, take care of our streets manage our tax dollars wisely,” Stephanie Cates, Chair of the Spokane County GOP, said. “Those aren't partisan issues those are, those are issues that have an impact on every single citizen in Spokane and tax payer."

City Council President Ben Stuckart disagrees. He says because of climate change, city council should be focusing on the issue.

"Climate change...what it does is fluctuates our weather and you're going to need even more road repair if we keep seeing the freeze and the thaws,” Stuckart said. “Climate change actually hurts our streets in the city of Spokane. Climate change hurts our river."

Stuckart said climate change is not an issue the city suddenly decided to take a stance on. He said the city has remained active in reducing or preventing the emission of greenhouse gases in the city since 2001.

"I find it absurd that somebody disagrees with 90 percent of climatologist and doesn't think it's going to affect us or that we can affect the world around us," Stuckart said.

The Spokane County Republican Party created a Facebook event encouraging Spokane residents to speak against the ordinance.

"It's pretty likely that this will pass,” Cates said. “If I had a magic wand I would say that they would listen to the citizens on the other side of the issue and reconsider their vote.