SPOKANE, Wash --- Not all Hoopfest participants are teaming up with friends, some are taking to social media to find teammates.

For some people it is difficult to find a team to play for during Hoopfest, so some of them take to Facebook to tout their skills.

Derek posted he has ten years of experience at Hoopfest and a relentless hustle that can add value to any team.

Casey posted he plays to his six foot one height, played high school basketball and is a decent shooter, passer and defender.

Trisha posted looking for someone to join their team who has “experience playing basketball.”

KREM 2 reached out to a few of the people and found Dez who posted to Facebook and found a team.

“I got picked up by a co-ed team called “I’ll Be Your Rebound, Baby,” said Hoopfest participant, Dez Powell.

Powell has participated in Hoopfest for seven years and is glad he can keep the streak going.

KREM also talked to Audrie Bass who was trying to find a team for her daughter.

“I posted on Facebook saying my oldest daughter is going to be there and so I was looking for my youngest one. Looking for a team she can jump on to,” said Bass.

Hoopfest starts Friday June 23 so if you do not have a team you do not have much time left.