SPOKANE, Wash. – A few sixth grade students at Wilson Elementary found a bank envelope with $200 on the side of the curb. Instead of pocketing the money, they tracked down the owner and personally returned it!

Local resident Kera Hudson said she stopped at Wells Fargo to withdraw the cash to donate it to a local organization, but lost it sometime throughout the day.

"I didn't know it was lost. I had just deposited some money and hadn't even realized it was missing yet," said Hudson.

Sixth grade students Samantha Hansen and Tiana Saldivar said they were talking and noticed an envelope on the curb, so they picked it up. The students said they brought it to their teacher and the entire classroom took the time to track down the owner.

“There was no personal information on the envelope, just the Wells Fargo bank phone number," explained Hudson, "The fact that these students went out of their way to find me is amazing."

Later on, she received a phone call from the bank saying her money was found near the school. Hudson met with the students at Wilson Elementary.

"I just gave all of the students the biggest hugs," she said. "I couldn't thank them enough for what they did."

Hudson showed her gratitude to the class by sending them to an ice cream party at The Scoop!

Their teacher was really proud of them because they all knew they made the right choice. Hudson also wanted to thank the parents and adults in the students’ lives for teaching them honesty and integrity.